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New Website Coming Soon!

The 2015 craft show season is rapidly approaching (our first show is next Saturday!), and it’s about time we have a proper, functioning website.  We are very excited about what’s to come – the new site will offer tons of information on our products, we will be able to post new updates, dip recipes, and more.  Plus, another really exciting announcement…

Online Ordering is Coming Soon!

That’s right, folks… very soon, you will have the opportunity to purchase dips, drink mixes, and more right here on our website.  (Hooray!)  We can’t wait to release this new update.  It’s been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to make it easier for you to “order, mix, and enjoy.”  Christmas, New Years, and the Super Bowl will be here before you know it!

Get Your Dip On

In the meantime, be sure to Contact Us for any questions, inquiries, or ordering.  We offer local pickup in Raleigh, NC and are also happy to ship right to you!

2 thoughts on “New Website Coming Soon!

  1. I am right around the corner from you on Oakcrest. could you let me know when you have more Veggie dip and roasted garlic as well?



    1. Hi Meg,

      We have lots of Veggie Dip and Roasted Garlic in stock (we just haven’t turned on the shopping cart feature of the website while we work out some shipping kinks). Feel free to give us a call and we’ll prepare an order for you!


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