About Us

Hidden Valley Crafts

Hidden Valley Crafts was born out of a love of crafting and keeping a stay-at-home mom busy. While the dips are the staple of our business today, it came as a complete mistake (a happy one, at that!).

Kathy was a primitive crafter.  She designed and painted wooden home decor – dolls, children’s toys, and yes… those cat and mouse silhouettes you might find over a doorway in the south.  She hosted home shows in the 1990s, because with 4 kids at home – who has the time to travel to a craft show?  In the kitchen, visitors would find snacks (we are firm believers in Southern Hospitality, y’all!).  In this spread of savory snacks, featured her homemade concoction: Bacon Dip.  After countless friends and shoppers began begging for a way to mimic this recipe, Kathy decided to try it out and offer it at one of her shows in Raleigh.  I think we know where it went from here!

Meet The Family

Kathy Gouldie, Owner, Hidden Valley Crafts

Kathy Gouldie | Owner

Kathy Gouldie is a mother of four, wife, and grandmother, she has been in the crafting business for over 25 years.  She is the Owner, Research & Development, and Sales Manager of this family business.  All of her mixes are hand-measured and individually packaged.  Her easily prepared dips and beverages are sold to enable you to show off your own culinary skills.  All products are from her own recipe, taste tested by her family, to make sure your family can be confident that the “love” is there.

John Gouldie | Assembly Manager, Manufacturing, Inventory Specialist

Kathy’s husband, John, is the man behind the mixes.  He’s the guy who hand-measures each dip packet to ensure flavor and quality is consistent every time.  In addition to that important duty, he’s also the vehicle-packer, table-hauler, and sample-mixer for all of the local craft shows we participate in around the Raleigh area!

“The Kids”

We mentioned Kathy is a mother to 4 and a grandmother, right?  When her (now-grown) children were in school, they were the appointed taste-testers for research and development.  You’ll always find honesty in a child, right?  They and their friends had no fear in telling the truth when they didn’t like a prototype dip flavor!  Now that they are grown with families of their own, they are each involved in the business in different capacities – primarily as craft show assistants!  You’re sure to find one or more of the crew at each craft show to lend a helping hand, ring up your order, or even refilling dip samples so you can taste-test the goods!

We Can't Wait to Meet You!

Now that you know all about us, be sure to check out the Shop and browse around!  If you’d like to see what we’re up to right now, check out the blog for updates.  We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming craft show!