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Where Can I Find Hidden Valley Crafts?

Did you know we primarily sell our yummy dip mixes at craft shows and fairs around the Raleigh, NC area?  Most of our craft show appearances are towards the end of the year, during what we lovingly call “craft show season”.  Here in our area, a bulk of our favorite craft shows occur in October-December as people are preparing for the holiday giving and entertaining season.

Come find Hidden Valley Crafts at our next “stop” – we almost always have our full line of dip mixes ready to sample.  Find your new favorite flavor!  You will also find products not always available for purchase online, such as beverage mixes, jellies, pottery, tea, and more.

View Craft Show Appearances by Year

Think you may have seen us at a craft show 2 years ago, but can’t remember which one?  Or maybe you’d like to plan ahead for the upcoming “craft show season” by seeing examples of craft fairs in the Raleigh area we’ve frequented in the past.  Help yourself to our show calendars organized by year, below!

2023 Craft Show Schedule

2022 Craft Show Schedule

2021 Craft Show Schedule

2020 Craft Show Schedule

2019 Craft Show Schedule

2018 Craft Show Schedule

2017 Craft Show Schedule

2016 Craft Show Schedule

2015 Craft Show Schedule


Shoot us a note through our Contact Form!  We’d love to help you with any specific questions you have about our mixes, where to find us, and any other queries you can muster.